Size:  4.75”

Plumage/Description:  Males are a bright yellow color with a jet-black crown, which is an unmistakable and diagnostic field mark.  Females are an overall bright yellow color but lack the black crown.

Habitat:  Residential, Oak/Chaparral, Pinyon/Juniper, Riparian/Deciduous

Time of year:  Spring, Fall

Relative Abundance:  Common

Behavior:  Wilson’s Warblers are a transient species, passing through the Central Highlands area in the spring on their way north, and in the fall on their way south.  Like other warbler species Wilson’s Warblers are very busy and active, as they flit about in the foliage of trees and shrubs searching for insects.

Diet:  Insects

Similar species:  Yellow Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler

Best Sites:  Willow Lake Cottonwood Peninsula, Watson Woods