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Dark-eyed Juncos a sure sign of winter’s arrival

Dark-eyed Juncos a sure sign of winter’s arrival

On my recent trip to Missouri, our bird walk leader was lamenting the fact that the day before our outing he had seen his first sighting of a dark-eyed junco. In fact, he used some rather strong words at his disappointment in seeing a junco. Why, you ask? Because, he...

Birding: My big birding day in the Prescott area

Birding: My big birding day in the Prescott area

Have you seen the movie, “The Big Year”? Whether you are a birder or not, it is a must-see. The movie is based on a true story of three serious birders on a quest to set a record—to see the highest number of bird species in North America in a calendar year. The movie...

About the owner, Eric Moore

My interest in birds began when I was very young. By the time I was five years old I was fascinated with birds and watched them at feeders in my parents’ yard in Massachusetts.

At the age of 13 I joined the Tucson chapter of the National Audubon Society. When I lived in Utah I participated in the Utah County Birders Club (there was not an Audubon chapter in Provo). I have been associated with the Prescott chapter of the National Audubon Society for the past eleven years and have served on the board of directors and as the publicity chair.

I have led bird walks, been in charge of the Spring Migratory Bird Count, and I have participated in the Christmas Bird Count in Tucson, Provo, and Prescott for a time period spanning 30 years. I consider myself to be an excellent birder. Birding is more than a hobby for me–it is a passion.

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