Size:  4.75”

Plumage/Description:  A small, overall gray bird.  Males have a small rufous crown patch.  Under-tail coverts, rump and breast are yellow.  Females lack the rufous crown patch, and the yellow on the breast is not as pronounced.  Males and females have a  conspicuous complete white eye-ring.

Habitat:  Ponderosa/Coniferous

Time of year:  Spring, Summer

Relative Abundance:  Common

Behavior:  Virginia’s Warblers are generally found at the higher elevations, particularly in transition vegetation zones where ponderosa pine and oaks occur together.  An active foliage gleaner as it constantly moves about in search of insects.

Diet:  Insects

Similar species:  Nashville Warbler

Best Sites:  At the higher elevations, generally above 6,000 feet, Bradshaw Mountains, Mingus Mountain,