Size:  9”

Plumage/Description:  Males are a striking combination of jet-black, and bright yellow plumage.  The entire head, throat, breast, back, and tail are a solid black color.  Wings are black with a yellow shoulder, and white wing bars.  The rump, belly, flanks, and under-tail coverts are bright yellow.  Female plumage is significantly muted, the head is more of a pale gray/brown color.  The back, wings and tail are also a darker gray color.  The breast, belly, and under-tail coverts are a dull yellow color.

Habitat:  Oak/Chaparral, Pinyon/Juniper, Residential

Time of year:  Spring, summer

Relative Abundance:  Fairly common

Behavior—  Scott’s Orioles arrive in April and leave in August.  They prefer habitats that have yucca and  agave plants that produce tall, flowering stalks.  Scott’s Orioles also frequent backyard hummingbird and oriole feeders to drink sugar water, and they like grape jelly, citrus, and mealworms.  Scott’s Orioles have a beautiful, fluid song that is very similar to the song of a Western Meadowlark.

Diet:  Insects, Fruit, Nectar

Similar species:  Other oriole species

Best Sites:  Heritage Park, Pioneer Park, Glassford Hill, Yavapai Hills