Size:  5.5”

Plumage/Description:  Male and female plumage similar.  Bright red face and throat, with red plumage extending around to the backside of the head.  Crown of the head is black, with black extending down the side of the face behind and below the eye. Nape is white, as well as breast, belly and under-tail coverts.  Back, wings, and tail a light gray color.

Habitat:  Ponderosa/Coniferous

Time of year:  Spring, summer

Relative Abundance:  Fairly common

Behavior:  Like all warblers, Red-faced Warblers are an active foliage gleaner, moving through trees and shrubs in search of insects.  Nest directly on the ground.

Diet:  Insects

Similar species:

Best Sites:  At the higher elevations in the Bradshaw Mountains, Mingus Mountain