Above Image:  Adult

Size:  5.75”

Plumage/Description:  Male and female plumage similar.  A fairly plain, non-descript species.  Darker gray on topside, pale whitish underside.  Two pale wing-bars, and spectacles (white lores that extend to white eye-ring) help identify this species.

Habitat:  Pinyon/Juniper, Ponderosa/Coniferous, Riparian/Deciduous

Time of year:  Spring, summer

Relative Abundance:  Common in preferred habitat

Behavior:  A foliage gleaner, moving about in trees and shrubs in search of insects.  Usually solitary.  Passes through Pinyon/Juniper and residential habitat during migration, but during breeding season typically found at the higher elevations such as in the Bradshaw Mountains.

Diet:  Insects, berries

Similar species:  Cassin’s Vireo

Best Sites:  Wolf Creek, Groom Creek, Lynx Creek.  Pretty much anywhere up in the Bradshaw Mountains in summer