Female & Male


Size:  6”

Plumage / Description:   Typical male plumage is a bright red head, throat, breast, and rump.  Flanks are heavily streaked.  Back, wings and tail are gray.  Variations in male plumage range from bright red to a dull pinkish-red color, and even orange or yellow instead of red.  Females have no red at all, and are an overall gray bird with extensive streaking on the breast, belly and flanks.

Habitat:   Grassland, Oak/Chaparral, Pinyon/Juniper, Ponderosa/Coniferous, Residential, Riparian/Deciduous, Suburban

Time of year:  Year-round

Relative Abundance:   Abundant and common in all habitats

Behavior:  A very common backyard bird.  Frequently nests on patios, decks, porches and entry ways.  A common feeder bird, preferring black-oil sunflower seed and nyjer/thistle seed.

Diet:   Seeds, Insects

Similar species:  Cassin’s Finch

Best Sites:  Granite Creek Park, Watson Woods,