Size: 7.25”

Plumage/Description:  Males have a bold facial pattern that is very distinctive: A broad white eye-stripe, a black mask that goes through the eye, a black bib, and a yellow throat. The breast and belly is white. The feathers forming the ‘horned’ appearance on the crown of the head are not always visible, but when present this is a diagnostic identification feature. Female plumage is muted, an overall brown color, with pale yellow on the throat, bib is brown instead of black.

Habitat:  Grassland 

Time of year: Year-round 

Relative Abundance: Fairly common in winter, uncommon in summer

Behavior: Typically occurs in small flocks.When threatened they usually run quickly across the ground.When flushed they will fly quite a distance before settling down again.Frequently vocalizes in flight.

Diet:  Seeds, Insect

Best Sites:   Out by the Prescott airport, in grassland habitat north of Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and in Paulden.