Size:  7.25”

Plumage/Description: Male and female plumage similar. Bright Rufous crown, gray face, nape, breast and flanks. Black malar stripe outlined by white, with a distinctive white throat. Back, wings, and tail are an olive-green color.

Habitat: Oak/Chaparral, Pinyon/Juniper, Riparian/Deciduous, Residential

Time of year: Spring, Fall

Relative Abundance:  Fairly common during migration in spring and fall only

Behavior:   Like other towhee species, Green-tailed Towhees are primarily a ground-dweller. They kick around in the leaf litter scratching to uncover insects and seeds.In residential settings they prefer white-proso millet.Somewhat of a skulker.

Diet:  Seed, Insects

Similar species:  Canyon Towhee, Spotted Towhee

Best Sites:   Watson Woods, Stricklin Park, Granite Creek Park, Heritage Park