Size: Males 18”, females 15”

Plumage/Description:  Males have a very long, keel-shaped tail. Entire body has an iridescent quality, and depending upon lighting conditions Great-tailed Grackles will appear either black, glossy blue, or almost greenish. Females are smaller than males and are an over-all bronze color, darker on top, lighter on the breast and belly.

Habitat:  Suburban, Residential

Time of year: Year-round 

Relative Abundance:  Common in summer, uncommon in winter

Behavior:  Usually occurs in small flocks, frequently in shopping centers where they act as scavengers. In residential settings
they prefer yards with ornamental plum and pear trees where they like to nest. Males put on an elaborate display to attract a female. A true omnivore, eating just about anything.

Diet:  Seed, Insects, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles

Similar species: 

Best Sites:   Safeway shopping center on Willow Creek Road, Fry’s shopping center on Willow Creek Road, neighborhood  bordering the south side of Willow Lake Road (opposite Willow Lake).