Size: 5”

Plumage/Description:  Males have a bright yellow throat and breast, as well as yellow lores. The belly is white, with black streaking on the lower flanks. Nape, back, tail and wings are gray with two prominent white wing bars. Female plumage is similar, but muted, the yellow and gray are not nearly as bright, more subdued. Both sexes have extensive white in outer tail feathers which is visible in flight. .

Habitat:  Ponderosa/Coniferous forests

Time of year: Spring, Summer

Relative Abundance:  Common in proper habitat

A foliage gleaner, very active high up in Ponderosa Pine trees as they forage for food. During breeding season is best found by hearing its song, then attempting to locate.

Diet:  Insects

Best Sites:  Granite Basin Recreation area and in the Bradshaw Mountains in a Ponderosa pine habitat.