Size:  6.25”

Plumage/Description:  Male plumage is striking in good light.  Feathers on crown appear slightly raised, almost like a crest, and are a brilliant, intense red color.  Red on throat, breast, and rump.  Female plumage is heavy, defined, crisp streaking on the breast, flanks and back.  Females have a weak eye stripe.  Cassin’s Finch appear heavier bodied than House Finches.

Habitat:  Pinyon/Juniper, Ponderosa/Coniferous, Residential

Time of year:  Winter

Relative Abundance:  Irregular in occurrence from year to year.  Some years they are abundant, other years they are extremely uncommon.  Not predictable from one year to another.

Behavior:  Cassin’s Finches usually occur in small to medium sized flocks and will frequent seed feeders where they particularly like black-oil sunflower seeds.  Also occur in Ponderosa Pine habitats during winter.

Diet:  Seeds, Insects

Similar species:  House Finch, Purple Finch

Best Sites:  Residential settings at backyard seed feeders, Granite Basin, Thumb Butte Park, Lynx Lake.