Size:  9.0”

Males and females have similar plumage.  Overall a gray-brown bird, with a slight touch of Rufous on the crown of the head, and under the tail.  The throat area has faint streaking with dark spots.  Has a dark central spot on the breast, but not always easy to see. Pinyon/Juniper, and Riparian.

Time of year: 

Relative Abundance:  Common.

  A fairly tame species, frequents carports, garages, porches and patios looking for insects, very tolerant of human activity and comfortable around people.   A ground feeder, prefers white-proso millet.

Diet:  Seeds, insects.

Similar species:  Female Brown-headed Cowbird

Best Sites:
  Residential neighborhoods, Willow Lake (Heritage) Park, Pioneer Park, Acker Park.