Size:  7.5”

Plumage/Description:  Males have an iridescent quality to their plumage.  In poor lighting males appear very dark overall, even black.  In good  lighting the entire head appears brown, and the body appears a glossy  green-black color.  Female plumage is a pale brown color with fine brown  streaking on breast and belly.  Note the conical shaped beak.

Habitat:  Brown-headed Cowbirds can be found in almost every habitat in  the Prescott area.  Because they do not build their own nest they don’t have  a ‘fixed’ territory for breeding purposes.  Brown-headed Cowbirds frequently  visit backyard seed feeders where they prefer white-proso millet.

Time of year:  Spring, summer resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common in appropriate season.

Behavior:  Brown-headed Cowbirds are a parasitic species, laying their eggs  in the nests’ of a host species.  Not uncommon to see several males pursuing  (in flight) one female.

Diet:  Seeds, insects

Similar species:  Bronzed Cowbird

Best Sites:  Residential neighborhoods, Granite Creek Park, Watson Woods,  Acker Park.