Size:  4”

Plumage/Description:  Males have a green head and an all green back and a brilliant red throat along with a white breast, and green flanks.  The tail is a combination of Rufous, black, white and green feathers.  (Reference Sibley Guide to Birds to see color pattern in tail feathers)  Females also have a green head and an all green back, but lack the solid red throat.  Females have a rich buffy color on the flanks and belly.

Habitat:  During migration they will pass through a variety of habitats.  Once they settle down for breeding purposes they are pretty much restricted to a Ponderosa/Coniferous forests habitat.

Time of year:
  Spring, summer resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common in appropriate habitat.

Behavior:  Nectar and insect eater.  Frequents hummingbird feeders. Like other hummingbird species has the ability to hover.  In flight males’ wings produce a distinctive audible sound that confirms identification.

  Nectar, sugar water, insects, spiders

Similar species:  Other hummingbird species that occur in this area (Anna’s, Black-chinned, etc.)

Best Sites:  
White Spar Campground, Granite Basin, Lynx Lake, Groom Creek, Walker.