Size:  5”

Plumage/Description:  Bold black and white facial pattern with just a touch of yellow in the ‘lores’ area of the face, between the eye and beak.  Throat solid black, belly white, flanks have heavy black streaks on white.  Back and wings gray.  Female similar to male but the throat is white, not black, with a black band across the breast separating the white throat from the white belly.

Habitat:  Typically found at the higher elevations where there is a mixture of both oak and Ponderosa Pine.

Time of year:  Spring, summer resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common in appropriate habitat.

Behavior:  Insect eater so very active as it forages (foliage gleaning) for insects.

Diet:  Insects.

Similar species: 
Black and White Warbler, which is a rare visitor to this area.

Best Sites:  Lynx Lake, Goldwater Lake, White-Spar Campground, pretty much anywhere up in the Bradshaw Mountain National Forest.