Size:  3.75”

Plumage/Description:  Males have a green back and a dark looking head and throat.  In good light you can see a violet band of color at the base of its black throat feathers.  There is a bold contrast between the dark throat and white breast feathers. Females have a green back, and the throat, breast and belly are a pale ash color.  Both sexes have a long, slightly down-curved bill.

Habitat:  Widely distributed in a variety of habitats including residential areas, riparian areas, oak/chaparral, pinyon/juniper and even into ponderosa pine habitats.

Time of year: 
Spring and summer

Relative Abundance: 

Behavior:  Nectar and insect eater.  Frequents hummingbird feeders. Like other hummingbird species has the ability to hover.  Aggressive and territorial at feeders.

Diet:  Nectar, sugar water, insects, spiders

Similar species:  Other hummingbird species that occur in this area (Anna’s, Broad-tailed, etc.)

Best Sites:  Residential settings where there are hummingbird feeders. Acker Park, Pioneer Park, Lynx Lake Restaurant.