Bird Walks

June, 2021

Dear Customers,
Due to the increased popularity of our free weekly bird walks we are making a slight change in the sign-up process. To ensure that everyone who would like to go on a bird walk has the opportunity to sign up for one of the ten spots available, we are now limiting bird walk sign-ups to once per month per person. Additionally, individuals can sign up on the waiting list for other bird walks offered in the same month.

This new policy will allow more people to participate in our bird walks on a monthly basis. Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask our staff for clarification.

Eric Moore, owner
Jay’s Bird Barn

Prescott Bird Walk

Prescott Bird Walks

FREE and open to the public!
March | 8:00-11:00 a.m.
April-June | 7:00-10:00 a.m.

Participants will meet at the location at the specified start time
Call 928-443-5900 to sign up or for more information.

Prescott Bird Walk Schedule:

Saturday, March 18
Highlands Center – Bonnie
Rating: 2

Wednesday, March 22 
Granite Basin – Eric
Rating: 2

Wednesday, March 29 
Banning Creek – Ryan
Rating: 3

Saturday, April 8
Granite Basin – Bonnie
Rating: 2



Thursday, April 13
Willow Lake South – Eric
Rating: 2

Wednesday, April 19
Fain Park – Ryan
Rating: 3

Thurs – Sun, April (27-30)
Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival  

Friday, May 5
Stricklin Park – Bonnie
Rating: 2

Friday, May 12
Watson Woods – Eric
Rating: 1

Wednesday, May 17
Butterfly Spring – Ryan
Rating: 4

Saturday, May 27
Indian Creek – Bonnie
Rating: 2

Wednesday, May 31
White Spar Campground – Ryan
Rating: 2

Saturday, June 10
Kendall Camp area – Eric
Rating: 3

Friday, June 16
Watson Woods – Bonnie
Rating: 1

Friday, June 23
Goldwater Lakes – Eric
Rating: 3

Wednesday, June 28
Aspen Spring – Ryan
Rating: 3

Prescott Bird Walk Rating System

Our weekly bird walks take place in a number of diverse locations throughout the tri-city area. On occasion, we venture even farther beyond the confines of our immediate area. `We will go where the birds are! Because of this, we find ourselves in a variety of habitats and difficulty levels in regards to hiking and navigating. Most walks are fairly easy but we do seek out some more challenging spots, as the situation dictates. We will always go at the speed of the group and can adjust as needed. Fortunately, birding by its very nature is a slow and methodical process.

Below is a rating to help you understand potential challenges associated with any given location. Of course, if you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us. We hope to see you on a walk soon!


1 – Expect paved trails, or very nice dirt trails & limited elevation change. These will be accessible to most people.

2 – Expect maintained dirt trails and potentially some mild elevation variations. Wear appropriate shoes for a dirt surface.

3- Expect dirt trails that may have a lateral slope and a potentially loose surface. Challenging elevation changes may be present.
Wear good hiking shoes and other appropriate clothing. The participants should have some hiking experience.

4- Expect loosely defined trails with consistent tripping hazards along the way. The trails may have unsteady or loose surfaces and quality hiking footwear should be utilized. Significant elevation changes will be present. Participants should be fit and confident in their ability to navigate an undeveloped environment.

5- Expect a complete lack of a defined trail. Any situation that can be found in a completely natural setting can be expected. The participants should have the utmost confidence in their ability to navigate wild terrain without significant assistance. Quality hiking gear should be utilized.