Size:  5.25”

Plumage/Description:  Males and females are similar in plumage.  A small, overall brown bird with a pronounced bold white eye stripe. Long tail feathers have black barring on brown feathers.

Habitat:  Scrub-oak, pinyon-juniper, into transition zone where Ponderosa Pines and oaks come together.

Time of year:  Year-round resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common.

Behavior:  A very active bird as it gleans in foliage for insects. Has a habit of swishing its long tail from side to side, and in
 breeding season frequently vocalizes from a high point.

Diet:  Mainly insects, will also frequent suet feeder at backyard feeding stations.

Similar species:  House Wren,

Best sites:  Residential settings with a lot of native habitat—pinyons, junipers, oaks.  Acker Park, Sticklin Park, Pioneer Park are all good places to see Bewick’s Wren.