Size: 14.5”

Plumage/Description:  Males and females are similar in plumage.  A very large wild, native pigeon.  Skittish.  Overall gray with distinctive markings including a bi-colored bill (yellow at the base, black at the tip), a white collar on the nape of the nape and iridescent green below the nape.  The tail is bi-colored as well with a broad light-colored band at the end of the tail.

Habitat:  Transition zone where Ponderosa Pines and oaks come together, at the higher elevations in the Bradshaw Mountains in Ponderosa Pine Forests.

Time of year:  Spring, summer and fall resident, rare in winter.

Relative Abundance:  Common in summer in appropriate habitat.

Behavior:  Will frequent backyard bird feeders in forested settings but is very wary of humans.  Scares easily.  Usually occurs in small flocks.

Diet:  Nuts, seeds, berries

Similar species:  Rock Dove, Mourning Dove

Best sites:  Residential settings bordering the National Forest, Ponderosa Pine habitat, at the higher elevations in the Bradshaw Mountains—Walker, Groom Creek.