Size: 8.5”

Plumage / Description:  Males and females are similar in plumage.  Overall a dull grayish/brown color, with a slight yellow wash on the lower belly.  Wings and tail have a hint of Rufous, particularly noticeable in flight.  At times appears to have a slight crest, but not always visible.

Habitat:  Scrub-oak, pinyon-juniper, into transition zone where Ponderosa Pines and oaks come together.

Time of year:   Spring, summer resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common in appropriate season

Behavior: A cavity nesting flycatcher—frequently will use man-made nesting boxes in residential settings.  Typically perches in an open, easily observed location while it hunts for flying insects.

Diet:  Insects

Similar species:   Brown-crested Flycatcher

Best sites:  Residential settings with a lot of native habitat—pinyons, junipers, oaks.  Acker Park, Pioneer Park are good places to see this species.