Size: 4”

Plumage / Description:  Male have a deep magenta-red iridescent color that encompasses the whole head, both above and below the beak.  The back is green, the flanks have a wash of a lighter green color.  Female’s are green on the back, lack any magenta color on the head, but they do have a small spot of magenta color on the throat area.

Habitat:  Widely distributed in a variety of habitats including residential areas, riparian areas, scrub oak, pinyon/juniper and even into ponderosa pine habitats.

Time of year:  Year-round resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common spring and summer, uncommon in winter.

Behavior:  Nectar and Insect eater.  Our most vocal hummingbird species, males sing extensively.  Frequents hummingbird feeders.

Diet:  Nectar, sugar water, insects, spiders.

Similar species:  Other hummingbird species that occur in this area (Black-chinned, Broad-billed, etc.)

Best sites:  Watson Woods, Granite Creek Park, Strikland Park, residential areas