Size: 10”

Plumage/Description:  Male plumage is a brightly orange/red colored breast and belly, with gray wings, back, tail.  Head is dark with small white streaking on the throat, and a broken eye-ring.  Female plumage similar to male, only paler in color.  Juvenile heavily spotted breast (black spots on orange breast).  Males and females have a yellow beak.

Habitat:  Widely distributed in a variety of habitats including residential areas, riparian areas, and pinyon/juniper and ponderosa pine habitats.

Time of year:  A year-round resident.

Relative Abundance:  Common in appropriate habitat

Behavior:  Diet consists of invertebrates, fruit and berries.  Occurs in small flocks in the winter months.

Diet:  Invertebrates, berries, fruit—not a seed eater.

Similar species—  Hermit Thrush

Best sites:  Watson Woods, Granite Creek Park, Strikland Park, Goldwater Lake, Lynx Lake, residential areas